High Performance Mobile Platforms

Empowering a new realm of devices and services through optimized connectivity. The world is moving towards a fundamentally disruptive new era where mutually-conscious intelligent devices leverage awareness of environmental circumstances and user needs to determine how to communicate on the fly via dynamic spectrum use for improved connectivity and capacity.


Research is centered in Helsinki and Otaniemi and focused on:

  • Methods for flexible spectrum use
  • Novel ways of sensing the radio environment and location
  • Distributed networks that intelligently cooperate
  • Low power flexible implementation of wireless in mobile devices

Teams working on Cognitive Radio include:

  • Optimized Local Access
  • Cognitive radio system
  • Distributed radio networking
  • Enabling radio technologies
  • Cognitive radio implementation

Working with these teams are several of our Open Innovation partners:

Cognitive Radio Publications

Click here for some examples of our research publications covering topics such as:

  • Cognitive radio systems
  • Cognitive radio implementation
  • Optimized local access
  • and more... 

Check out Nokia's new video introduction to Cognitive Radio!



Opening up the Spectrum

Cognitive radios are aware of their surroundings and bandwidth availability and are able to dynamically tune the spectrum usage based on location, nearby radios, time of day and other factors. This provides for a more efficient use of the spectrum as well as reducing power consumption, and enabling high priority communications to take precedence if needed.

Device Awareness Varied devices will be able to detect other radios around them and work together to optimize the use of spectrum, allocate resources and more easily communicate to their peers.