NRC launches public pilot of Nokia Internet Pulse



Launched today to coincide with the CHI 2010 conference (ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) in Atlanta, Nokia Internet Pulse is a new pilot project from Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, which helps communicate public opinion by tracking social network status updates and grouping the results based on positive or negative sentiment.

Designed to help company employees track online feedback about products and services, Nokia Internet Pulse presents the aggregated status updates in an easy to use web application, organized by sentiment – whether they like or dislike that topic. The results are then displayed in real-time, in an interactive graph that allows users to drill down into the various terms that customers may use.

The public pilot launched today at, tracking Twitter status updates for various test keywords including "nokia", "chi2010", "google", as well as pop culture topics such as "rhianna" and "miley".

Using the tool, Nokia employees will be able to get a better understanding of the over 11,000 daily tweets containing the keyword "nokia". This allows employees to better track consumer reaction and read associated news articles and blog posts, helping explore consumer sentiment about Nokia products and services in real-time.

Ultimately, Nokia Internet Pulse could provide a viable alternative to costly and time-consuming focus groups by looking at the openly expressed opinions of thousands of individual customers - as well as influential movers and shakers - instead of just at a few individuals.

Created by researchers Jofish Kaye and Anita Lillie, the application prototype was developed outside of their daily research work, using low-cost, rapid application development methods and technologies.

"Nokia Internet Pulse was not led by a business case, rather, it was led by an opportunity seen by researchers at the grassroots to improve all of Nokia," Kaye said. "This project's core goal is to illuminate the true concerns of our consumers based on their free, unprompted, raw, passionate feedback."

Currently, Nokia Internet Pulse is being distributed to all Nokia Research Center offices, shown in social spaces on large touch-screen displays.