Visual Computing and Ubiquitous Imaging

Modern mobile phones are power houses of Visual Computing. For visual output, they provide a high-quality color display, and some models have dedicated hardware for 2D and 3D computer graphics. For visual input they have good digital cameras, both still and video. The Visual Computing and Ubiquitous Imaging (VCUI) team studies how these visual capabilities can be harnessed for exciting applications.


Camera phones are a good platform for computational photography, and that is our current research focus. With the same device you can take several images, and then process them to create new images that you could take with a single shot using a normal digital camera. Instead of waiting until you can later process the images on a PC, we'd like to provide the instant gratification of seeing the results when you still are interested in the topic and can take additional input images if needed.

For Augmented Reality, we have recently formed a new team headed by Radek Grzeszczuk.


FCam, an architecture and control library for computational cameras.


We have recently collaborated with Profs. Marc Levoy (Stanford), Matthew Turk (UC Santa Barbara), Linda Shapiro (University of Washington), Roberto Manduchi (UC Santa Cruz), and others.


Kari Pulli, Team Leader

Team members

Timo Ahonen | Marius Tico | Yingen Xiong


Wei-Chao Chen | Suresh Chitturi | Dean Eckles | Jiang GaoRadek Grzeszczuk | Natasha Gelfand | Matthias Jacob | Vidya Setlur | Mirjana Spasojevic | Ramakrishna Vedantham | Xianglin (Shawn) Wang


2011: Orazio Gallo 

2010: Orazio Gallo | Eyrun Eyjolfsdottir | Prabath Gunawardane | Sunaad Nataraju | Xiangqiong (Carol) Shi | Feng Yang

2009: Noha El-Yamany | Chia-Kai Liang | Dingding Liu | Daniel Vaquero

2008: Vijay Chandrasekhar | Gregory Cuellar | Orazio Gallo | Kyle Heath | Harlan Hile | Masaharu Kobashi | Duy Nguyen | Gabriel Takacs

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