Henry Tirri

Executive Vice President, Acting Head of Technologies, Dr., Dr.h.c.

I am currently the Acting Head of Technologies, Nokia’s newest business, which is responsible for managing and licensing Nokia’s technology assets, including its industry leading intellectual property portfolio, and making select investments in advanced R&D to drive innovation and potential for new product and licensing businesses. In addition to my Nokia role I am also an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science (University of Helsinki), and an Adjunct Professor of Computational Engineering (Helsinki University of Technology).

Contact information:
henry.tirri at nokia.com

Professional Activities

I was an ISTAG Member 2007-2009. I was nominated to join the IEEE Computer Society Industry Advisory Board (IAB) for 2009-2011. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Institute for Infocom Research and member of the International Advisory Committee of Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology. I am also on the Boards of SVForum, HIIT and Cicero. Nokia is also the sponsor of the Health Category of the Humanitarian Tech Awards (2009- ) - one of my passions as well as Nokia Sensing X Challenge (2012-2015) which I am the proud sponsor of.

I am currently in the Editorial Boards of IEEE Signal Processing, International Journal of Mobile CommunicationsWeb Intelligence and Agent SystemsInternational Journal of Neural Systems

Research Interests

During my career my general research interests have been related to intelligence in machines. Reasoning under uncertainty is one central aspect of intelligent behavior, consequently the last 20 years I have been interested in fundamental questions related to building models from data, and performing (predictive) inference from such models (related to "data analysis"). After exploring many paradigms from rule-based deterministic models to semantic nets I have found the probabilistic and information-theoretic approaches to be the most interesting and powerful. Some of the results of the research (with my former CoSCo research group) have been implemented in B-Course data analysis service. Recent years I have been particularly interested in applying these modeling methods to information retrieval including Internet search engines and wireless sensor networks.  What excites me currently is the possibility to develop applications and services that do not "scale-down" but allow millions of computing devices to interact and implement very large-scale services depending on contextual data. I am also fascinated by the role of energy in computing - I anticipate the energy dimension to be even more fundamental than memory and computing  in the future.

Research Projects

Some past research activities I found cool to be part of working with some great colleagues:


Recent and current Conference involvement (i.e., What I do to keep me posted on interesting research):

Other Information

Past Professional Activities

  • Visiting scholar, University of Texas at Austin and consultant, Microelectronics and Technology Corporation MCC; database transaction processing, functional languages and parallel processing (1985-86)
  • Visiting scientist, AT & T Bell Laboratories; neural networks stuff in machine vision (1988)
  • Visiting Associate Professor, Purdue University; research on distributed, object-oriented databases, neural networks, probabilistic modeling (1990-92)
  • Project manager, ESPRIT projects VITAL and TRANSCOOP; software engineering for knowledge bases, in particular representation transformations and transactional workflows (1992-1997)
  • Visiting scientist, NASA Ames Research Center; Bayesian modeling (1998)
  • Professor, University of Helsinki, Director of the Intelligent Systems Lab and CoSCo research group; Bayesian and information-theoretic modeling, intelligent learning environments (1998-2008)
  • co-founder of Ekahau Inc.; award-winning technology for positioning - Ekahau in news (2000-)
  • Visiting professor, Stanford University; positioning of mobile devices, ad hoc networks (2001-2003)
  • Visiting scholar, University of California, Berkeley; information retrieval and search engines (2003-2004)


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