Tomi Aarnio

Senior Research Engineer
NRC Tampere, Finland


I joined NRC Tampere in 1998, did my master's thesis on speech recognition, then moved on to computer graphics. Over the years I've worked on Java Mobile 3D, OpenGL ES, texture compression, and most recently on GPU programming and image processing on the web using WebGL, WebCL, and HTML5.


Professional Activities

Eurographics 2010, Program Committee Member

VISIGRAPP 2009-2011, Program Committee Member

Also reviewed papers for SIGGRAPH, High Performance Graphics, several IEEE Transactions, etc.

Research Interests

  • Real-time rendering
  • Computational photography
  • Image/data compression
  • GPU computing
  • Web technologies
  • Virtual machines

Other Information


  • M.Sc., Comp. Sci., University of Turku, Finland, 1999.
  • B.Sc., Comp. Sci., University of Turku, Finland, 1998.



K. Pulli, T. Aarnio, V. Miettinen, K. Roimela, J. Vaarala
Mobile 3D Graphics with OpenGL ES and M3G
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers (Elsevier), Nov 2007.

J. Nikara, T. Aarnio, E. Aho, J. Pietiäinen
Ch. 13: WebCL in Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers (Elsevier), Aug 2011.

Journal papers

Kimmo Roimela, Tomi Aarnio, Joonas Itäranta
High Dynamic Range Texture Compression
SIGGRAPH 2006, Boston, MA, Aug 2006.

Kari Pulli, Tomi Aarnio, Kimmo Roimela, Jani Vaarala
Designing Graphics Programming Interfaces for Mobile Devices
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Nov 2005.

Conference papers

Tomi Aarnio, Claudio Brunelli, Timo Viitanen
Efficient Floating-Point Texture Decompression [slides]
SoC 2010, Tampere, Finland, Sep 2010.

Kimmo Roimela, Tomi Aarnio, Joonas Itäranta
Efficient High Dynamic Range Texture Compression
ACM I3D 2008, Redwood City, CA, Feb 2008.



Three patents pending, one granted.