Virpi Hannele Roto

Principal Scientist


I have chosen to take a 15-year renewal option, and quit my long career in Nokia Research Center on September 30, 2010. You can access my new home page at (still under construction).


My background is in Computer Science, but since I graduated 1993, I have investigated human-computer interaction rather than computers. I joined Nokia 1995 and spent the first years evaluating usability of various kinds of Nokia products and helped teams to ensure usability in the early phases of product development process. The topic of my PhD thesis was mobile web browsing user experience. Lately, I have moved to investigate the foundations of user experience and the means to evaluate it.

I am excited to be able to advance the UX field by organizing a Dagstuhl seminar Demarcating User Experience (with the top UX professionals invited), and by Wikipedia pages on UX and UX evaluation.

Professional Activities

I am / have been involved in organizing the following conferences and workshops:

I am a quest editor of a special issue on Mobile Internet User Experience to the International Journal of MobileHCI, which came out in October 2009.

I am also acting as a reviewer in conferences such as CHI, MobileHCI, NordiCHI, Interact, DIS, DPPI, Pervasive, Persuasive Technologies, WWW. I have done reviews for journals such as Human-Computer Studies, Interacting with Computers, Behavior & Information Technology, New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, ACM TWEB.


on User eXperience:

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On Mobile Internet UX:

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"User Experience Design - Enabling Enjoyment". Keynote in SAICSIT 2010 conference, Bela Bela, South Africa.

"Measuring feelings - What can persuasion learn from user experience". Invited talk in the workshop on Measuring (Ambient) Persuasive Technologies, in conjunction with Measuring Behavior 2010 conference, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

"Eyes on Content Experience". Invited talk in Eyes on User Experience 2009 conference, Vaasa, Finland.

"User Experience - From Business to Research and Practice". Industry talk in INTERACT 2009 conference, Uppsala, Sweden.

"Impact of User Experience Research on Product Development". Keynote in Exploring User Experience & User Generated Content Seminar 2008, University of Salzburg, Austria.

"User Experience, from Business to Theory". Keynote in ACM SIGCHI Finland Autumn Seminar 2008, Helsinki, Finland.

"User Experiences, Attitudes, and Behavior - Case Mobile Internet". Keynote in Persuasive Technology 2008 conference, Oulu, Finland.


US7516402: Presentation of Large Objects on Small Displays

US7716580: Shortening Web Page Titles

KR100795590: Method of navigating in application views, electronic device, graphical user interface and computer program product

+ 9 patent applications pending