Jyri Huopaniemi

Director and Head of Media Technologies Laboratory
Helsinki, Finland

Jyri Huopaniemi is Director and Head of Nokia Research Center Media Technologies laboratory. He has over 15 years of experience in leading research and development teams and large organizations. He joined Nokia in 1998 and has held several research leadership positions in the fields of multimedia technology, mobile applications and user interfaces and interaction. In his current role, he is leading NRC’s Media Technologies Laboratory that innovates differentiating multimedia and interaction technologies, and creates impact for future products through novel multimedia solutions, IPR and standardization. 

Dr. Huopaniemi received his doctoral degree from Helsinki University of Technology in 1999. He worked as a research scientist and group manager at the Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing of Helsinki University of Technology from 1993 until 1997. During 1998 he was a visiting scholar at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University. Since 1998 he has been with Nokia Research Center in Helsinki, Finland. Prior to his current role at Nokia, he was head of the Media Laboratory, Head of Strategic Research and Head of the NRC Tampere laboratory at Nokia Research Center, responsible for strategic research in multimedia, applications, services and software platforms. He was appointed Docent (Adjunct Professor) of Audio Technology and Software at Helsinki University of Technology in 2003, and Adjunct Professor of Media Technology and Software in 2009, and continues to lecture on courses related to multimedia signal processing and software.

Research Interests

Jyri's current professional and academic interests include:

  • user interfaces and user experience
  • mobile multimedia
  • mobile applications, services and software platforms
  • mixed reality and virtual reality
  • digital audio signal processing
  • acoustics and music
  • multimedia content analysis and processing
  • web technologies
  • social interaction and collaboration

He is author or coauthor of over 55 technical articles published in international journals and conferences, and he has been awarded five patents. He was one of the contributors to MPEG-4 audio systems standardization during 1997-2000, and he has headed several mobile media standardization efforts (Mobile Media, Mobile 3D Graphics, Scalable 2D Vector Graphics) in the Java Community Process.

Jyri Huopaniemi was the chairman of the Audio Engineering Society's (AES) Finnish Section during 1999-2003. He has been actively involved in conference organization committees (AES 16th and 22nd International Conferences, IEEE WASPAA, ICAD), and serves regularly as a reviewer for scientific journals and conferences. He is also a member of the IEEE, the ACM and the Acoustical Society of Finland. In his free time he enjoys music in as many forms as possible -- listening, playing, programming, recording, restoring, and mixing.

Other Information

Board memberships:

Member of the executive steering board, EIT ICT Labs (eit.ictlabs.eu)

Member of the board, Mobile Life Research Centre (mobilelifecentre.org)

Vice member of the board, Helsinki Institute of Information Technology (hiit.fi)

Vice member of the board, Tivit Oy (tivit.fi)


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For a more complete list, please go to http://www.huopaniemi.net/jyri/pubs.html.


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