Pirjo Marjaana Pasanen

Principal Scientist

My background is in Theoretical Physics. I got my PhD from Helsinki University Department of Theoretical Physics in 1996, on Topological Quantum Field Theories . The next three years I spend in Austin, Texas in Steven Weinberg's Theory Group as a post-doc, doing string theory and beyond - that is, trying to figure out why the world really is 11-dimensional .

And then, for something completely different...In 2000 I ended up in Nokia. No regrets so far ;-)

The first couple of years I was involved in projects related to electronics reliability and product development process improvement. In 2002 I switched to radio communications, and did research on information theory, physical layer algorithms and and medium access layer protocols of wireless communication systems. I was also involved with several very interesting projects dealing with system design for future 4th generation wireless systems, both in Nokia internal projects as well as the EU project WINNER .

In the beginning of 2007 it was time for a change again: currently I am doing research on nanotechnology.

Research Interests

My current interest include all things nano, starting from graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanodevices and nanosystems, to analog signal processing, RF applications and alternative computation methods. The general question is to figure out ways to do signal processing and computations with nanoscale elements, preferably in a way that has not been done before.


Most of the publications can be found in here.

Journal Papers

  • Gray S., Pasanen P. and Tirkkonen O. (2003), “ Application of Information Theory to the Design of 4th Generation Cellular Communication Systems”, Wireless Personal Communication, 26 (2-3), p.203-216
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Conference Papers

  • Ermolov V., Heino M., Kärkkäinen A., Lehtiniemi R. , Nefedov N., Pasanen P., Radivojevic Z., Rouvala M., Ryhänen T., Seppälä E. and Uusitalo M, "Significance of Nanotechnology for Future Wireless Devices ad Communications", the 18th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC'07), Athens, Greece, 2007 
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  • Tirkkonen O. and Pasanen P., ”BER-Optimal Power Allocation and Bit Loading in a MIMO System”, Proceedings of the XXVII Convention on Radio Science & IV Finnish Wireless Communication Workshop, October 2003, p.231-234

Book Chapters

  • “System Level Performance of MIMO Systems”, by N. Marina, O. Tirkkonen and P. Pasanen in "Space Time Wireless Systems – from Array Processing to MIMO Communications", (H. Bölcskei, D. Gesbert, C. B. Papadias, A. van der Veen, eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2006


  • Editor for "Implementation Impact of Candidate Key Technologies", EU project IST-2003-507581 WINNER deliverable D2.9, June 2005, by A Alexiou, G Auer, J Axnäs, D Bateman, M Bengtsson, T Chen, P Coronel, E Costa, M Döttling, S Falahati, D Falconer, L Gharavi, R Grünheid, M Haardt, J-P Javaudin, N Johansson, V Jungnickel, A Kapur, J Karjalainen, T T Kim, O Klein, P Labbé, J Leinonen, T Lestable, Z Li, G Mange, A Medles, M Muck, S Obermanns, P Pasanen, A Piatyszek, S Rouquette-Léveil, T Sälzer, W Schott, S Sital, P Skillermark, A Sorri, V Stankovic, M Sternad, K-E Sunell, T Svensson, Y Teng, S Visuri, K Wesolowski, T Wild, E Zimmermann. (not public)
  • “Assessment of Multiple Access Technologies”, EU project IST-2003-507581 WINNER deliverable D2.6, Oct. 2004 by Pasanen P, Sternad M, Skillermark P, Falahati S, Costa E, Brüninghaus K, Wesolowski K, Plass S, Hoek C, Wild T, Liu X, Teng Y, Guan H, Pfletschinger S, Bartolomé D, Navarro M, Ibars C, Svensson T, Dammann A, Hamon M-H, Li Z, Coronel P, Schott W, Sorri A, Visuri S, Kansanen K and Astély D
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  • “System Requirements”, EU project IST-2003-507581 WINNER deliverable D7.1, June 2004 by Nyström J, Dammann A, Jokela J, Pasanen P, Slanina P,Pollard A, Saarinen I


  • Patent number 258932 granted in Taiwan: “Space-time Channel Quality Indicators for Multi-user Diversity” by Pirjo Pasanen and Olav Tirkkonen, July 2006
  • Patent number 779734 in South Korea, "Optimal Power allocation and Bit Loading for TDD MIMO Channels" by Pirjo Pasanen and Olav Tirkkonen, Nov 2007
  • Seven patents pending.